The Bluetooth connection is not working, what can I do?

Please note that you'll need to be within a 10 meter range or less to establish a connection. The on/off toggle will turn light blue when the devices are connected.


First open the app and refresh it (swipe down to do so). If that doesn't work try closing the unu app and reopen it again. Please also check if your Bluetooth connection on your phone is working correctly. To play it safe, turn your Bluetooth on/off in the phones system settings and try again.


If the connection is still failing check if your scooter is still working, by turning it on with your keycard. If the scooter is in „hibernation mode“ you’d first need to „wake it up“ by pressing both brake levers 10 seconds. If the scooter isn't reacting please contact customer support.


If the scooter works just fine, but you still have an issue with the Bluetooth connection, the Bluetooth bond might have been disconnected or has another issue. Often this can be resolved by re-doing the Bluetooth connection on the phone. For this you'll need your keycard.


Make sure your scooter is turned on for these steps.


For iOS:
Go to your phones Bluetooth system settings, find the 'unu Scooter', tap on the "i" icon, and then forget the device. Now go back to the unu app and swipe the on/off toggle, the Bluetooth connection process should start. You will need to turn on your scooter with the keycard to read the pairing code from the scooter dashboard.

For Android:
Go to the Settings page within the unu app. Under "Bluetooth" remove the current Bluetooth pairing. After that you can start a new Bluetooth pairing from the same menu, or by swiping the on/off toggle. You will need to turn on your scooter with the keycard to read the pairing code from the scooter dashboard. Make sure to check your phone notifications, as the pairing request will show up in the phone notification centre.

Additional things that may solve the issue:


You can reset Bluetooth on the scooter by doing a soft reboot while the scooter is turned on in „park mode“, this reboots the system and removes Bluetooth bonds on the scooter. To pair your devices again, please go to system settings on your phone and tap „forget/remove“ the unu Scooter as a Bluetooth device. Start the connection process again within the app by swiping the "on/off" toggle. If you still have an issue it could also be an issue with the phone or app installation:

  • Restart your phone.

  • Reinstall the unu app.

  • Check that ‘unu scooter’ is discovered as a Bluetooth device in system Bluetooth settings.

  • Try another phone.


If this did not help and if the problem still persists please fill out our support form here. A member of our team will get back to you as soon as possible.