The scooter is connected to the unu Cloud when a main battery is in the scooter. Data is updated whenever something changes on the scooter, such as turning it on, or at regular intervals. If nothing has changed the scooter saves power and data by not constantly sending updates. That's why for a parked scooter you may see that the last data update was a while ago.

When there is no main battery in the scooter, the Internet connection is turned off to save power. The scooter will turn on Internet connection and send an update a couple of times per day. If the connection to a mobile network is taking a long time to establish, the scooter will try again later in order to save power.

If the scooter is entering hibernation mode or internal power is running critically low, it will connect and send a notification to the app. That way you can see in the app if the scooter needs to be woken up before the next use or if you should insert a main battery to charge up the internal battery again. Since the scooter's ability to send an update depends on if it can re-connect to a mobile data network or not, we can't guarantee that these notifications will work all of the time. It's still good practise to check up on a scooter that's parked for longer periods of time.

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