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What kind of payment options do you offer?
What kind of payment options do you offer?
Written by Shwetal Kadam
Updated over a week ago

Payment options for unu electric scooters

Payment options for direct purchase of an unu e-scooter

  • Credit card

  • Klarna ( multiple options like pay by invoice are available with this)

  • PayPal ( both PayPal direct and PayPal instalment, payment options available)

  • Finance A Bike- More information about that here

For Subscription

Currently we offer a credit card payment option for subscription.

For unu for Business and commercial fleet

  • E-scooter direct purchase

Direct purchase is possible via bank transfer or PayPal. It's the fastest option to get your hands on the Scooter for your business.

Choose "Direct purchase" in the contact form here at the end of the page to receive further information.

  • E-scooter company leasing

Company leasing allows you to use the scooter with low monthly rates. For payment options fill the form here.

  • E-scooter employee leasing

Employees can get unu on a lease with Lease A Bike. Employees have a tax benefit and insurance as well as maintenance is covered with this mode of payment.

In case of further question related to payment options please contact our support team [email protected]

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