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What features does the app have?
What features does the app have?
Written by Rosie
Updated over a week ago

The first version of the app focuses on giving insight into your scooter and its batteries. It should help you know what's going on with your scooter and make sure you are good to go for your next ride.

  • Turn the scooter on/off via Bluetooth.

  • See handlebar and seat box lock state.

  • See scooter details such as scooter firmware with release notes.

  • See charge of main battery and internal battery, get notified if power is running low.

  • See the scooters standby power mode: if it's powered by internal battery, if it's in hibernation mode.

  • See your ride history.

  • Useful insights, tips and support.

We will add more features as we go!

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