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Company update September 2022
Company update September 2022
Launch of the new unu Scooter Move, price increase of the unu Scooter Pro 4kW and not offering the unu Scooter Pro 3kW anymore
Written by Zoe
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1. Why did unu launch the new unu Scooter Move?

We were constantly asked for a simpler and more comfortable, affordable e-scooter. Apart from our existing unu Scooter Pro, we took this opportunity to provide multiple solutions to multiple needs. Hence unu is extending its current portfolio by launching the unu Scooter Move (2kW): a practical e-scooter with less technology and a smooth riding experience. Less screen-time with more comfort, but in the same unique unu design.

2. Why unu is not offering the 3kW unu Scooter Pro anymore?

We generally don't produce the 3kW scooter anymore and also wanted to have a clearer product differentiation in our portfolio, that's why we decided to focus on the unu Scooter Move (2kW) and the unu Scooter Pro 4kW.

As we also needed to adjust our prices as for the current worldwide economic crises, this was also a reason to not continue with the 3kW as we would have to increase the prices of the 3kW also in the long run.

3. Will the 3kW unu Scooter Pro come back?

No, we are not planning on bringing the 3kW back. But we are constantly working on improving our product range.

4. Has unu modified 3kW to 2kW move scooter?

No, our unu Scooter Move (2kW) has completely different technical specifications than the previous 3kW scooter. You can find all the tech details here.

5. Is unu increasing the price of unu Scooter Pro? And why?

Yes, from 26th September 2022 onwards, the unu Scooter Pro will have an increased price. From € 3,899 up to € 4,299.

It is no news that the prices of spare parts, raw materials, and logistics have been increasing worldwide. It’s unfortunate that worldwide, e-mobility prices still continue to increase, even though for a while, unu refused to let price surge be a burden for our community. But unfortunately, on average, the prices increased by 10% and more for our industry.

With this increase, we are making sure that going ahead, we can maintain the quality of the product.

6. From what date will the new price of the unu Scooter Pro be effective?

From 26th September 2022 onwards, the unu Scooter Pro will have an increased price. From € 3,899 up to € 4,299. You still have some time to buy unu Scooter Pro at the current price and save some euros. You can buy the unu Scooter Pro here.

7. Will the price of the newly launched unu Scooter Move also increase from 26th September?

No, while launching unu Scooter Move, we already anticipated economic developments, hence the unu Scooter Move which is launched at the price of 3.499€ will not be affected.

If you’re not sure which scooter suits you best, you can find a comparison of both the Move (2kW) and the Pro (4kW) here.

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