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Why is the unu Scooter Move connected? What are you doing with my data?

Yes, the unu Scooter Move is connected when the scooter is turned on with a main battery inside. The main reason is so that we can provide firmware updates if needed. We may turn off connectivity at a future date if no further firmware updates are necessary. Until then the Move scooter sends infrequent updates of the following data to our backend: battery SOC, odometer value, firmware version and location. We don’t store the history of a scooters locations, and since the updates are infrequent, the last known location may not be an accurate location.

If you want we can turn off storing the scooter location completely, for that please contact us here. Location data is only accessible by some employees, and each access to view it is logged. As long as you have location tracking on, and we still have the Move scooters connectivity turned on, we may be able to help you locate a lost scooter.