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Scooter-Subscription for Germany
Scooter-Subscription for Germany
unu is offering a scooter subscription from August 2022 - to make e-mobility affordable with a simple and easy monthly subscription.
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Your monthly subscription fee provides you with your e-scooter, one battery, and access to our service partners.

Currently, we offer 2 Options:

  1. Subscription option for the 2kW unu Scooter Move in Black Matte for €99/month with a 36-month fixed contract.

  2. Subscription option for the 4kW unu Scooter Pro in the colors Matte Pine, Matte Black and Matte Stone for €129/month with a 36-month fixed contract.

What is included when you subscribe to an e-scooter from unu?

The following is included in your subscription package (for the unu scooter Move and unu scooter Pro)

  1. Product & Accessories: 1 x unu Scooter Move 2kW or unu Scooter Pro 4kW, including one battery.

  2. Yearly Maintenance (vehicle and a battery) (you save worth €120 yearly)

  3. Insurance - 3 years of insurance (you save worth €100 yearly)

  4. Support - We will cover all costs that are within the warranty of 36 months.

  5. Return - unu will collect the scooter after 36 months.

Please note that we charge a one-time delivery cost worth €149.

Optional extras: You can subscribe to the following accessories if you need them.

Second unu battery for an extra €25/month.

Conditions for the scooter-subscription

1. What does a subscription for unu scooter mean?

  • A monthly fixed fee for the unu Scooter Move 2kW Black Matte. With the 36-month contract, you pay a monthly fee of €99.

  • A monthly fixed fee for the unu Scooter Pro 4kW (Matte Pine, Matte Stone, Matte Black). With the 36-month contract, you pay a monthly fee of €129.

2. Why should I choose to subscribe?

  • Guaranteed performance of the battery: We guarantee a working battery for the duration of the subscription. If the battery falls below the guaranteed limit during this time, we will replace your battery free of charge.

  • Please note that you can claim replacement or repair within the warranty clause and period if the defect is within the warranty clause.

  • No big upfront costs but fixed monthly costs. You can drive an emission-free scooter at a lower price than most combustion/petrol scooters.

  • We cover the one-time yearly inspection at one of our partner garages for you for all three years. Bring your scooter, and the bill will be sent to us.

  • Insurance is included with our clear and easy subscription plan. We take care of everything: all additional processes like registration, insurance, and yearly check-up are covered by us.

3. What will happen after 36 months? Can I purchase the scooter or is it mine?

If you want to purchase the unu scooter at the end of your subscription plan, don't hesitate to get in touch with our support via [email protected].

4. What are the warranty conditions for the subscription?

If the battery stops working for a longer period of time, we will replace it, same for the scooter. Of course, we need to check every case individually and ask you to check in with one of our partner garages.

5. How does the replacement for the battery or the scooter work, if one of them is not working anymore?

Please contact us via [email protected]. We collaborate with a third-party partner to pick up the battery or scooter and will coordinate the pick-up with you.

6. What is the price of the subscription?


36-Month Scooter-Subscription

Move Scooter 2kW, including one battery



36-Month Scooter-Subscription

Pro Scooter 4kW, including one battery


7. Is having more than one scooter subscription possible per contract?

No, it's only possible to have one scooter per contract, you can have up to two batteries, but only one scooter.

8. If I purchase another battery, what is the battery price? Can I also subscribe to another battery?

You can either subscribe to another battery for €25 per month, directly when you order or purchase a battery only for €900 extra. Please note: An additional battery does not include an extra charger.

9. Can you sell the scooter and transfer the subscription during the 36-month contract?

No, that's not possible.

10. How to return the scooter after 36 months?

If you want to return your scooter, we will pick the scooter up. You will also have the option to purchase the scooter in the future.

11. What payment options are available?

We only accept credit cards and Google Pay for subscriptions. This credit card will be used to deduct the monthly fee automatically. Please inform us upfront via mail to [email protected] if you change your credit card at some point.

During the coming weeks, we are expanding our payment options to include more popular options.

12. Is this offer valid outside of Germany?

No, currently this offer is only valid for people living in Germany.

Rental Period and Order FAQs

14. When does the rental period start?

The rental period begins on the day of delivery of the unu scooter and battery. In the beginning, you get a free 45-day subscription to cover the time between your order and delivery. After that, the delivery will be confirmed via a notification from the delivery company.

15. How does the monthly payment work?

We will deduct the monthly fee from your account in the first week of the month. Even if you receive your scooter in the middle of the month, the payment cycle always starts on the 1st week of the month. Hence in this case, the first deduction will be higher than the normal monthly fee as it includes the days of the previous month and the pre-payment for the coming month.

16. Can I pause my subscription plan? If so, what exactly happens to my scooter?

No, pausing the scooter subscription is not possible at this time.

17. How can I cancel my order?

If you wish to cancel your order, don't hesitate to get in touch with us, and we will get in touch with you regarding the cancellation as soon as possible. Please send an email to [email protected]. Generally, cancellation is only possible if there is an important reason.

18. I want to cancel or change my subscription during my contract. What are the fees?

We need to prove every case, so please email [email protected].

19. I have a question about my order

We are happy to answer your questions. Just send us an email to [email protected]. You can also chat with us by clicking on the blue icon at the bottom right of our website.

20. Shipping of scooter & battery

Whether you choose the subscription or the direct purchase of the scooter and the battery, we send them together in one package. The one-time delivery fee is 149€. The delivery fee will be charged upfront via your chosen payment plan.

21. Does unu handle the yearly inspection for me?

No, you need to bring the scooter to a partner garage nearby; find the locations here.

However, the bill for one inspection per year is covered by us.


22. Are the return costs after my 36-month subscription covered by unu, or do I have to pay them?

Please check our current fee list here.


23. When will I receive the invoice for my order?

You will receive your invoice by email after your scooter has been delivered. Since the invoice needs to show the delivery date, it may take a few days for the system to update. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to get in touch with us via phone at +49 30 220121299 (Mon - Fri: 9 am – 5 pm), chat with us, or write an email to [email protected]. Additionally, you will receive a monthly invoice for the payment of your subscription via email.

24. What is the process when ordering the scooter via subscription?

Step 1: You request a subscription by configuring your scooter and accessories and filling out your personal information directly here.

Step 2: When entering your payment details, you need to make sure that you can authenticate the payment.

Step 3: After a successful payment, you receive a confirmation email. Now you have signed up for the subscription, and the process from your side ends here.

Step 4: Within the next two weeks, you will receive the final order confirmation email. After that, the order is processed, and during the next week, your scooter will be delivered.

Just to let you know, as you subscribe for an unu-scooter, we will send you the license plate for your unu separately via mail. So you can adjust it on your own and be ready to drive.

Adjusting your contract

25. I already purchased an unu scooter in the past, but I would like to subscribe to an additional battery.

No, this is currently not possible. However, we are working on new offers.

26. unu guarantees an easy return of the scooter and/or the battery if it is not working properly. How long does it take to replace the batteries?

At the moment, we cannot guarantee a fixed time frame. If other problems occur during the subscription period, don't hesitate to get in touch with [email protected].

27. Can I cancel my contract?

In the first four weeks after your order, you can cancel the contract by informing us in writing.

Please inform us via [email protected].


28. Battery warranty

If you choose the subscription model and therefore rent the battery, we are fully responsible for the battery and guarantee its functionality for 36 months.

29. What happens if my battery or scooter gets lost or stolen?

You are responsible for your battery if you have an active subscription. In case of a self-inflicted loss, you are responsible for covering the lost item costs and the delivery cost for your replacement battery.

In case the scooter or the battery gets stolen, this is covered with the insurance you automatically have with your 36-month Scooter-Subscription.

30. What if I need an additional battery for my subscription?

If you want to switch your subscription from one battery to two batteries, write to [email protected], and we will be happy to assist you. Your new contract will start as soon as the battery gets delivered. In this case, it is possible to have more than one contract simultaneously for one account. Please note: Adjusting your contract will take some time.


31. Does the Scooter-Subscription cover the insurance for my scooter?

Yes, in the 36-month subscription is, the insurance and the license plate included. We offer you liability insurance with partial cover (with only 150€ deductible).

32. Do I need to get a new license plate yearly, like people who purchase the scooter directly?

No, we will send you the new license plate every year (around February ) to you. So you will be ready to drive in the new season.


33. Can I apply for the THG Quote when I have the scooter via the scooter subscription?

No, since unu remains the scooter's owner, and the THG quota is only valid for owners of the vehicles, you cannot apply for it via the subscription. During the 36 months, you are as a customer, only a holder (but not the owner) of the vehicle, however, this does not entitle you to the THG quota.

34. Why don't you offer the 3kW Model for a subscription anymore?

We decided not to produce the 3kW anymore. Instead, we decided to offer our latest product addition the unu Scooter Move also for the subscription.

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