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How do I charge the internal battery of my unu scooter?
How do I charge the internal battery of my unu scooter?
Written by Phuc
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Why do I have to keep an eye on the charging level of my internal battery?

First of all the scooter needs the internal battery to start. For this reason we can say that the internal battery is like a starter battery in a common car.

To keep it charged means you can increase the standing time of the scooter if it's turned off or in hibernation.

How can I do it?

Here are the simple steps to charge the internal battery:

  1. Open your seat.

  2. Insert your main battery.

  3. Close the seat.

  4. If the internal battery is not completely full you will recognise the charging process with a flash symbol on the internal battery icon on the top left of the display:

Charging Not charging

Is there anything else what I should know?

Yes there are some points that are worth mentioning:

  1. After the scooter start the charging process and the internal battery level is below 25% and you turn off your scooter it will go automatically into hibernation mode and stop charging the internal battery.

    1. If you are not sure how low or high the battery level is in percent you can display it with the version box by pulling both broke levers for 5 seconds. A version box will appear and you can read the battery level.

    2. If the percentage is above 26% you can turn off your scooter and the charging will keep continue when the scooter is off.

    3. If you still turn off your scooter and it falls into hibernation mode you can wake it up by pulling both brake levers until the green LED illuminates on the display. After it turns off you can start your scooter.

  2. For the case that the internal battery level is below 25% the scooter must stay on until the level reaches 26%.

  3. The internal battery will be charging in the parking mode and in the driving mode.

  4. If the scooter won't start the charging process when the internal battery level

    is below 80% please try first a reboot.

    1. If is not solved please contact our support and we will help you.

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