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I have an issue with my main battery
I have an issue with my main battery
Written by Phuc
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There are some simple steps to check if the main battery won't react like it should.

  • Battery errors on the dashboard

    If the main battery has an error in the scooter the dashboard will show an error message. In most cases there is a simple instruction what should be done the moment to solve the issue.

    Error Codes Table

  • Battery errors in the charger
    If an issue occurs with the charging process you can follow these steps.

    Remove the main battery from the charger and let it cool down if you just come back from a drive.

    Remove and rotate the battery 180° and put it back into the charger.

    Disconnect the charger from the power outlet and reconnect it.

  • Battery Reset
    You can do a battery reset as follow:

    Press & hold the button on the top of the battery until the battery starts blinking (apx. 15 seconds)

    When the LED ring starts blinking you can release the button.

    It will blink 3 times and the reset is done.

  • Battery LED ring is blinking rapidly

    If the LED ring is blinking rapidly this indicates an internal battery error. In this case please put the main battery into the scooter so the scooter can readout the error and shown on the dashboard and follow the instructions in the Error Codes Table

If you need further support we are here to help you.

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