What is the code "ESCOOTER"?

From 11 of may, only for a couple of weeks, you can get a discount:

A 200€ discount on all unu 3kW Scooter models:

  • 3 kW in Matte Pine

  • 3 kW in Matte Stone

  • 3 kW in Glossy Blue

  • 3 kW in Glossy Red

With the code: ESCOOTER

How can I use the code?

After you choose your colour here: buy and click on the ‘Next’ button you will be forwarded to the checkout. There you can enter your code on the right side.

Can I use the code for the 4 kW unu Scooter?

No, it’s just for all 3kW unu Scooter models.

How long is the shipping for scooters ordered during this campaign?

We have all of the scooters in the warehouse, therefore the delivery will be 3 weeks for the colors Matte Stone, Matte Pine, Glossy Red and Glossy Blue.

I purchased my 3kW unu scooter before the 11 of May, can I still get the 200€ discount?

No, we only offer this discount from 11.05.22 onwards.

Can I redeem this voucher code also if I choose the battery subscription?

Yes, no matter if you choose the battery subscription or you want to purchase the battery directly. As long as you choose the 3kW comfort model, the voucher code is valid.

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