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CO2 neutral unu Scooters

We don't just want to revolutionize urban mobility, we also want to make sure that our unu Scooters are climate neutral.


That's why we've been offsetting the emissions of our production since 2020, so if you also charge your unu with green electricity, you're supporting our mission to achieve climate-neutral mobility even further.

What exactly is CO2 compensation?

CO2 compensation is also known as “carbon offsetting”. According to the World Economic Forum, it’s the purchase of carbon credit which makes up for the amount of CO2 introduced. The money spent on these credits should be invested to support projects that offset the same amount of carbon emissions that were introduced.

July 2020 - March 2022

Since our funding in 2014, we have wanted to create a sustainable impact. In 2020 we wanted to go one step further and started working with Climate Partner, and we began calculating the emissions of our production. These calculations were made based on benchmarks and industry averages. The final amount up until March 2022 was 2484.115 tons of CO2 which were offset.

Since April 2022

To gain a deeper understanding of how much CO2 we introduce, not just during producing an e-scooter but also while running daily business processes, we decided to partner up with PlanA in April 2022.

With ClimatePartner, we already made our product "climate neutral". By partnering with PlanA, we took a step further, and unlike any other scooter company, we put all our business processes under a sustainability microscope. Hence, we are trying to make the entire unu business, including the product itself, a climate-neutral entity.


Through our work with PlanA, we have the opportunity to make data-driven decisions on where to save CO2 rather than only offsetting it.


Since determining all the emissions a business introduces, we don not have the total number yet. We will of course keep you updated about news regarding our projects.

Our climate protection projects

To offset our CO₂ emissions, we support several recognized climate protection projects that are certified according to international standards:


Forest protection in Germany through various local projects, carried out by Schutzgemeinschaft Deutscher Wald e. V.


Forest protection and aid for the indigenous population in April Salumei, Papua New Guinea, supported by Environmental Services Inc.


The protection of the Amazon and local communities on the ground in Madre de Dios, Peru, this project is managed by SCS Global Services.


More informations:

Black Friday compensation 2022

For all Scooters we sold during our black Friday campaign in 2022, we promised to compensate twice the CO2 emitted during the production process.
Here you find the certificate for the extra compensation and our partnership with Grow my Tree.