10. December 2021 – The international freight situation and the Christmas season made it very difficult to get access to containers and get the batteries on time, but they are arriving in our warehouse during the next two weeks and we will start dispatching the replacement batteries to you right away.

Processing and sending out a very large number of batteries takes some time and will keep us and our logistic partners staff busy for several weeks and throughout the holidays. The individual batteries will continuously leave our warehouse and arrive at customers’ doors throughout December, January and February. We are doing our best to send them as fast as possible. You will receive a notification from us as soon as your battery leaves our warehouse and our logistics partner DPD will keep you updated about the shipment.

If you still have your old battery with you and it has not been collected yet, please reach out to us via phone +49 30 220121299 (Mon-Fri: 09:00-17:00), chat or write us an email to [email protected].

We would like to apologize again for the long waiting time and assure you that we have at all times done everything possible to enable you to safely use your unu Scooter Classics again, as fast as possible.

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