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How can I update the scooter firmware?
How can I update the scooter firmware?
Written by Rosie
Updated over a week ago

You can check the version of your scooters firmware by pulling both brakes for at least 5 seconds. If your scooter firmware isn’t up-to-date (check the latest released version here), there might occur an unexpected issue.
If so, please do a reboot in order to reset the system.

A new firmware version should automatically install within a day. In the meantime you can use your scooter as usual. In case you won’t be driving the scooter, please leave the scooter on for 10-15 minutes – this way the update can be downloaded and installed. If the firmware isn’t updating automatically by now, please check your scooters internet connection. You can see this on the internet connection status bar on the scooter dashboard. If it's not connected try putting the scooter in a different location with reliable mobile network connection. Contact our support team if the issue persists.

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