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Why isn't pairing the scooter with the app working for me?
Why isn't pairing the scooter with the app working for me?
Written by Rosie
Updated over a week ago

These are some possible issues:

  • The scooter is not turned on and in park mode. Turn on the scooter with the key card and keep the kickstand folded down in order to have the scooter in park mode.

  • The scooter has no Internet connection. You can check the scooter's Internet connection in the status bar of the scooter display. If you don't see any bars, the scooter isn't connected. It may take a few minutes from turning on the scooter until Internet connection is established. If after 5 minutes you still have no Internet, try moving the scooter to a different location with good mobile data reception. If it still doesn't connect, do a reboot of the scooter and try again. If after this your scooter still won't connect to the Internet you may need a repair, please contact our support team.

  • The scooter firmware is not 1.2 or higher. Please see the article "How can I update the scooter firmware?".

  • Other technical issue. If it still doesn't work you may have another technical issue. Please report this to our support team.

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