In order to see your scooter in the app, you'll need to pair your scooter with your unu App account.

For that, you'll need:

  • To download the app and create a user account.

  • Your key card and to be by your scooter.

  1. Start the process by turning on your scooter. It's important that the scooter can connect to the Internet, you can check the scooter's Internet connection on the scooter display.

  2. Put the main battery in the active slot. This is the battery slot that powers the scooter, at the front of the seatbox.

  3. Pairing is initiated by putting in your key card code to the app. The unu Cloud then checks if the scooter is in a state where it can be paired. For this the scooter needs to be turned on and be in park mode (kickstand folded down).

  4. The pairing is finalized when you tap the key card to turn off the scooter.

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