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Firmware Update Release Notes
Version 1.1.1 – Version box, battery notifications & a flashier turn signal
Version 1.1.1 – Version box, battery notifications & a flashier turn signal
Written by Rosie
Updated over a week ago

Our latest firmware version v1.1.1 is automatically updated via over-the-air (OTA) update on your scooter.

Whether your scooter has already received the update and with which version you are on the road, can be seen anytime with the help of the version box. This appears on your display when you hold down both brake levers for at least five seconds.

It also shows you how full your internal battery is and whether it is properly charged by the main battery in the helmet compartment. Especially before a longer absence, it can be useful to check whether the internal battery is sufficiently charged.

🔋 Internal battery notifications

The power management of your scooter will be even easier in the future with additional notifications that warn you if the charge level of your internal battery drops below 50%. To prevent it from completely discharging, you should promptly insert a charged battery into the front, active battery slot.

More useful power management tips are provided in a separate email that you should have received before your delivery.

↔️ Stronger visualization of the turn signal

We have received increasing feedback that customers would like to see a clearer visualization of the turn signal so that they do not forget to switch it off after turning. We have responded to this. The turn signal is an important safety feature and is now positioned so conspicuously that it should no longer be overlooked.

So much for the new features. The update includes other minor optimizations that are not visible to you, but overall contribute to making the unu Scooter even more stable and better.

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