We have partnered with a new manufacturer for the production of our replacement batteries. We have gone through the various stages of development, testing and certification over the last few months and are now moving into the production phase, which will see us receive the first production batches of the new unu Scooter battery in September and October 2021. We will receive additional production batches in November and December 2021, so that by the end of the year all affected customers will be delivered a new, improved replacement battery.

We apologize for an earlier misestimation of the development timeframe. When we stated this timeframe in the winter, we made every effort to give you the most accurate information possible, despite many uncertainties. Unfortunately, the various phases of this complex development project required more time than we had initially assumed. Nevertheless, we did not want to compromise on quality or safety with the new batteries, which is why we preferred the numerous tests and certifications to accelerated development. Customers whose batteries were pulled from the field at an early stage and therefore experienced a longer waiting time will be prioritized accordingly in this replacement process.

We will contact customers individually for a more specific delivery date once the replacement batteries arrive at our warehouse. Until then, no further action is required from our customers.

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