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What is hibernation mode?
What is hibernation mode?
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Your unu Scooter can be in three different states:

READY - The scooter is turned on and either parked, or ready to ride.

STANDBY - The scooter is switched off. There may or may not be a battery in the scooter.

HIBERNATION - The scooter is saving battery power and needs to be woken up.


The unu Scooter can be turned on and off with the key card, is connected to the unu Cloud, and can download firmware updates among other things.


As long as the battery is in the scooter, it is connected to the unu Cloud. As soon as the battery is removed from the active battery bay, the internal battery is used for power supply and the power consumption is reduced to a minimum. This also means disconnecting the cloud connection.

The scooter will be in standby until the internal battery drops below 25%, which starts after about 6-7 days when the battery is fully charged. After that, the hibernation state begins.

To check the charge of the internal battery, hold both brake levers for at least 5 seconds while the scooter is parked. An indicator will appear on the display with the information until you release the lever.

The internal battery will be recharged as soon as you reinsert the battery and close the seat.

We recommend that you only remove the battery from the scooter for charging.


Your unu Scooter has 3 sources of power. The main battery you charge, the CB battery for connectivity when the main battery isn’t inserted, and the back-up AUX battery.

When the internal battery drops below 25%, after about 6-7 days of fully charging the battery, the unu scooter will enter hibernation mode. To wake up your unu Scooter from hibernation, please follow these steps: Wake Up from Hibernation

Manual hibernation mode

With our current firmware version, we implemented the function for you to put your unu Scooter into hibernation mode whenever you want to. You can do this manually or via our app.

General Information

The charge of the internal battery should not fall below 5%, as below this limit a more elaborate process will be required to wake it up.

To be on the safe side, you should fully charge the battery every two weeks and put it back into the scooter.

If that didn’t work:

The fastest way to find a solution is by using our support form, which helps solve most cases, most of the time.

You can also call us: +49 (0) 30 220121299

(Mon-Fri: 09:00-17:00).

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