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How do I take care of my unu Scooter?

Cleaning your unu Scooter:
You can best clean the unu Scooter with warm water and a sponge or a microfiber cloth. If there is a little more dirt you can always use mild soap, but make sure not to use aggresive detergents, as they could cause damage to the body.

Winter care:
Your battery doesn't like the cold when it isn't in use. Make sure to take your battery inside and keep it warm in cold winter nights. In general, we don't recommend exposing the battery to temperatures below 0°C. Your unu Scooter itself doesn't mind the cold, but you can always protect it from weather and frost by covering it or storing it in a garage.

Battery care:
If you are not using your unu Scooter for a while, make sure to still take care of your battery. It should be charged to over 50%, but not left on the charger for more than 2 days straight. Ideally check the charge level every 1-2 months and give it a bit of extra charge if less than 50% of charge is remaining. That way, you also keep your battery's guarantee.

Always keep your inspection invoices, you may need them if you want to make a claim.You can find your local partner workshop here.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us here.