The pre-order phase runs from May 21st until the end of January 2020. In this period, you can pre-order the new unu Scooter (Model 2019) and get a limited pre-order package (328€ in retail value) with a 100€ down payment.
Towards the end of the pre-order phase, we'll contact you with a payment request for the full amount of your unu Scooter (Model 2019) – the down payment you've already paid will be subtracted from this amount. To complete your pre-order, you can choose to pay by credit card, direct debit, PayPal, leasing (Germany and France only) and financing.
Please note: You'll only be among the first customers to receive the new unu Scooter (Model 2019) if you've completed your full pre-order payments. If you don't finalize your order, you'll lose your reservation and priority delivery status.
Until you have completed your pre-order payment, your pre-order is non-binding.

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